A & L CANADA LABORATORIES 2136 Jetstream Rd. London, ON N5V 3P5 Canada Tel: 519-457-2575 www.alcanada.com Key Personnel: Greg Patterson CEO & Founder; Nevin McDougall President, Ian McLachlin Vice President; Description: One of Ontario’s largest Agricultural and Environmental Laboratories specializing in soil, plant tissue, fertilizer, disease diagnostics, pesticide and water testing. A&L is a Health… Read more

Stone Force Greenhouse Contractors

call 519-322-1072. Leamington, Ontario; From Start to finish! Take advantage of 10yrs of experience in greenhouse building and maintenance. Services include greenhouse plastic installation, Energy & Black Out Curtain installation, Holland Gaas Netting installation and general greenhouse building experience. We can do work across Canada. We have WSIB coverage and are fully insured Canadian company… Read more


      LED Top Lighting promotes efficient plant production and reduces energy consumption. When used as supplemental lighting, our Top Lighting enhances plant growth. TOP LIGHTING GENERAL DESCRIPTION Designed for greenhouse operation, our LED Top Lighting promotes plant growth to areas of the plant that do not receive adequate light from natural sun. Our… Read more


Greenhouse Depot Inc. of Kingsville Ontario; we buy or sell, market greenhouse new/pre-owned horticulture supplies and services for a percentage of the sales price. Described by a credit-rating service as a “seasoned old, safe and respectable import/export greenhouse supply online/offline marketing company. One of the wealthiest in the Province, known for its responsible management and… Read more

For Sale Greenhouse Vent Insect Screening

Insect screens are used in greenhouses, nurseries, agricultural farms and other places where people do not want insects infecting crops. Insect fabrics come in many sizes and are used to control many different types of insects. Bug screens are generally used to control large flying and crawling insects, whereas insect screens are generally used to… Read more

For Sale: Organic & Hydroponic Vegetable Greenhouses Troughs System

Kingsville, Ontario: Patent design to drainage control, disease reduction system, improve the quality of hydroponic greenhouse production while increasing the amount of product. In this budget are quoted 11,340 ft or( 4,131 ml) of the complete Hydroponic System, for  54 rows of 210 ft (76.50m) each x 310.00 EURO’s Delivered to Door PerRow minimum –… Read more

“NON Splitting” Greenhouse Cucumber Shrink Film Made In Canada

Canada’s leading polyethylene film continues to provide greenhouse cucumber growers with No “splits” micro-perforated cucumber shrink film designed to extends firmness and freshness of long English cucumbers. More then just protection for greenhouse cucumbers naturally thin skin. This thin micro-perforated “second skin” that can help minimize moisture loss and extend shelf life by several days… Read more

Greenhouse Crop Removal Debris Tarps

Manufactured specifically for the application of removing crops during clean up. 100% manufacture satisfaction guarantee. Tarps by Gintec Shade Greenhouse Depot Inc. at your service 519-322-1072     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVYHYnENBrc&feature=youtu.be… Read more

Vinyl is not Only for Dj’s – 8 mils Vinyl greenhouse plastic coverings

Kingsville, Ontario Canada; Vinyl is not a natural substance but is a synthetic man-made material. It is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in regular salt). When processed, both the substances are combined to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, or as is commonly referred to… Read more

NEW! In the Box greenhouse harvesting pepper bins

Custom build Budget around $1,800/pc  now. We know of a supplier who imported 70 carts from Europe but it turned out they were the wrong ones, they can be had for much less.         Length – 91 3/4” Width – 18 ½” Height – 35 7/8” Please call or write, any feedback… Read more

First of its kind Marijuana Greenhouse

A new kind of greenhouse — designed for marijuana production and soon to be completed in Maple Ridge — is set to make the green business even greener, say the facility’s owners. The entrepreneurs behind Tantalus Labs describe their 115,000-square-foot purpose-built cannabis greenhouse as the first of its kind in North America, with a horticultural… Read more

Priva Nutrijet 600 – ATTENTION MEDICINAL GROWERS – Leamington – Ontario – Canada – Fertilizer Injectors – Fertilizer Injectors – Canada – Ontario – Leamington – Priva Nutrijet 600 – ATTENTION MEDICINAL GROWERS

Priva Nutrijet 600 – ATTENTION MEDICINAL GROWERS – Leamington – Ontario – Canada – Fertilizer Injectors – Fertilizer Injectors – Canada – Ontario – Leamington – Priva Nutrijet 600 – ATTENTION MEDICINAL GROWERS. More Information Priva Nutrijet 600 fully controls fertiliser dosing, taking account of flow, EC, pH, light, outside conditions, etc. The dosing rate… Read more

Billionaires flock to Toronto | Greenhouse Vegetable News

Billionaires flock to Toronto | Greenhouse Vegetable News. According to telegraph.co.uk; By Anna White: Only one city in the world has bucked the trend of slowing luxury property sales in 2014. Toronto is towering above the rest of the world’s luxury property markets, as the only city to record an acceleration in the sales rate of high-end homes… Read more

How are Premium Coco Grow Bags Made?

The Golden Grow production process Projar controls the entire Golden Grow production process: from the selection of raw materials to their arrival at the customer hands. Therefore they can ensure the highest quality and always meet the expected delivery deadlines. In addition, Projar has two manufacturing plants in India and Sri Lanka, which enable us… Read more

Full-service medicinal marijana clinic opening in London

According to ; Cristina Howorun  CTV London: It’s the first of its kind in Canada – a ‘full service’ medicinal marijuana clinic – and it’s setting up shop in London. Options Health Care specializes in treating pain with pot and will open in just over a week. It’s a truly unique concept. Patients with chronic pain, anxiety… Read more