11 lb.(5KG) Extra Washed Natural Coco Coir Husk Chips Coconut Coir Fiber Mulch

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$ 16.49

RETAINS MOISTURE FOR HEALTHY ROOTS - Coconut husk chips do a great job in retaining moisture, planting with coco chips reduces the time spent watering plants.
MICGROGREEN TRAY MATS - These sprouting pads are made from 100% natural coconut coir fibers making a great contribution to plant growth. Hydroponic grow pads great for indoor or outdoor use to grow various plants and herbs.
ORCHID BARK EXPANDS WITH WATER - Each coconut chip block expands to about 2 cubic feet of potting soil; coconut fiber is conveniently packed for easy storage. Can be used to replace or along with pine bark and other mulches for your lawn and garden.
USE IN POTTING SOIL MIX - coco coir planting chips are mixed with finer soil media like coco potting soil, peat moss, and other soils to form a coarse potting media which is used to grow tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and many other plants!
Retails at wholesalers for $32.99-Buy from the farmer at 16.49 each 5kg
$837.00 CAD for the pallet-345 units

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