8 Lane Greefa Grading/Sorting /Packing Machine Apples/ Oranges/Avocado and More

Available Immediately
Product Details:

  • 8lane Greefa sorting machine with 20 drops +1 (by weight)
  • 6 Pack out tables with 8 built in scales per table
  • Grade out belts for garbage and 2nd quality on each pack out table
  • Various belts for garbage and 2nd quality
  • Various in feed belts for even flow of product
  • 4 lane Greefa sorting machine with 9 drops (by weight)
  • Automatic empty box supply for each sorting machine
  • Viscon 5 lane buffer/palletizer system
  • Various conveyors for full box supply to buffer
  • Automatic Steenks pallet strapper/corner board and out feed conveyors

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