NetBow Multi-Outlet Drip Arc

Net bow® Multi-outlet Drip Arc. The Net Bow® is an innovative multi-outlet drip arc for irrigation, easy to use and with high resistance to clogging and excellent water distribution in various pot irrigation applications.
  • Compatible with pots for 20 to 40 liters.
  • Diameter: 250 mm.
  • Outlets: 8 drip outlets (the flow will be determined by the dripper in the center).
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance for increased durability.
  • Light gray color to improve light reflection.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4.0 bar.

Since 1983 as a solution provider for berry growing.

PROJAR is a horticultural technology company that offers a complete package of solutions for every type of crop. Today, our know-how and expertise will consolidate our position as a manufacturer and supplier of soilless cultivation solutions at an international level.

With more than 40 years of experience, the company is dedicated to the manufacture of substrates and coir, as well as to the commercialization of argonauts. Being manufacturers has allowed us to know very well the behavior of peat and coir in cultivation, the two most important raw materials for hydroponic growing.

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