Greenhouse Depot Inc. of Kingsville Ontario; we buy or sell, market greenhouse new/pre-owned horticulture supplies and services for a percentage of the sales price.

Described by a credit-rating service as a “seasoned old, safe and respectable import/export greenhouse supply online/offline marketing company.

One of the wealthiest in the Province, known for its responsible management and its links to manufacturers of greenhouse horticulture supplies in Italy, Spain and Holland.

Helped by Greenhouse Vegetable News, Greenhouse Grower Classifieds & Grower Advisors web portals spreading influence into allied greenhouse glazing, plant substrate and greenhouse insect netting and energy curtain concerns, the Greenhouse Depot Inc. is “as good as a bank”.

Let us know what type of products you are looking for? We deliver to your door in Canada and USA.

Greenhouse Depot Inc.
1634 Seacliff Dr. Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2M6
Home of PATI Plastics.

Any questions do not hesitate to reach out, anytime.
| T + 1 519 322-1072 | M + 1 226.346.1072 | F + 1 519 322-1233 |

Excellent Industry Resources
Greenhouse Vegetable News, Greenhouse Grower Classifieds, Grower Advisor (beta)

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