For Sale Greenhouse Vent Insect Screening

Insect screens are used in greenhouses, nurseries, agricultural farms and other places where people do not want insects infecting crops. Insect fabrics come in many sizes and are used to control many different types of insects.

Bug screens are generally used to control large flying and crawling insects, whereas insect screens are generally used to control such small insects, almost microscopic like thrip, white fly, aphids etc.

Traditionally, insect protection curtains are hung on walls and openings to prevent various sized insects from penetrating through the screen.

Made in Holland. Ventilation insect screens for agricultural greenhouses, nurseries farms. This insect netting system can be used to produce crops without the use of pesticides.

There is now an accordion-shaped netting that folds into a small package in the profiles of the greenhouse or poly house roof.  It provides more ventilation and less light loss.

For more information contact 1-519-322-1072.

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