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A product that will prevent the root of the plant from coming out of the grow bag drain holes.
Prevent contamination problems and other fungi by keeping under the Growbag dry as a preventive measure. More oxygenation under the Rockwool/coco growbag to put a space of air between the metal trough and substrate to keep the grow bag dry and temperature buffer.
The air spacer puts 100% air between the metal trough and the grow bag.
Space will keep the bottom of the grow bag away from the cold troughs in the winter and avoid the hot troughs in summer months.
Conducting a simple test; growers saw that better ventilation due to the air spacer has to lead to the general improvement of the crop.
The air spacer has provided a very good result with issues that favor the plant to prevent Crazy roots and fungal diseases.
The issue is cleanliness and contamination from the metal trough touching the grow bag.
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