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Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
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OVERSTOCK - Coco 5 KG Block. 1 Pallets of stock $995.00 per skid/ 1 Ton Each Skid. Still in original wrapping.

Available in Canada, same day service.

Washed Premium growing medium with crushed chips for better water retention.

ISO 9001 & 4001 Certified

OMRI Certified

5 kg BLOCK COARSE washed $Price/Ton USD


*Washed Cocopeat: Ec = 1mS/cm (Method Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)

*Delivery time: 10-12 weeks form order confirmation.

we will quote these 3 products:

-5 Kg Block MEDIUM (same product they have received, short fiber content is around 7-8%).

-5 Kg Block MEDIUM COARSE (medium product but containing 20% of short fiber, to increase drainage).

-5 Kg Block COCO ORNAMENTAL: 510 USD/TN (medium but containing 20% of chips to increase drainage, only for containers volume more than 2-3 liters, small containers are not advisable due to chips size).
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