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Tired of using a ladder? Now available! The IDM Electrical Lifting Trolley for Greenhouse, High Tunnel Tomatoes, Pepper Growers.
Its hydraulic scissor lift elevation enables a working height of 15 feet.

Some the Main features include:
- All-terrain traction. Special width wheels for sandy or hard grounds.
- The door opens inwards for safety. Self-closing door.
- Anti-skid working platform.
- Telescopic steering-wheel and railing to be adapted to each working height. Safety railing at 3.6 feet.
- Emergency stop on both chassis and control panel.
- Battery charge indicator.
- 2o inclinometer.
- Anti-rollover pothole.
- Forward or reverse movement while pressing the pedal, so hands are free to work.
- Smooth acceleration and braking.
- Automatic battery charger. Charge the batteries in the night-time and, when fully charged, they automatically disconnect from the power supply.
- Clutch for moving
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