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We have remnants in stock. We offer the best in 8mil greenhouse plastic. We promise low prices on our Italian high-end plastic. Our warehouses have greenhouse coverings inventory always in stock!

Special SALE Price for select sizes!

36 x 195 Clarix Blue
36 x 100 Clarix Blue
36 x 200 Clarix Blue
42 x 210 Clarix Blue

Clarix Blue, being a vinyl instead of a polymer, is praised for its 92% light transparency and IR qualities allowing you to start your season sooner and end later in the year. It is the only 8 mil standard film on the market and its 5 year factory warranty. Read up on the blue light effect: Europe uses it too sweeten their fruit and grow larger flowers.

Patilux Blue

Don't see your size? Call me(519-816-1998), I have stock in all different sizes tailor cut to your lengths.
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