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: 519-322-1072
: Kingsville, ONTARIO, CANADA
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Organic growers, you can discover an easy and proven way to save money and substantially increase plant kilos per square meter. Affordable
Non GMO plant base nitrogen at Greenhouse Depot you'll love the results. Available in Kingsville 8 Tones of material and sold 20Kg bags, Same as your currently using, it's a water soluble powder produced enzymatically without the use of chemicals or animal by-products. Derived from non-GMO soy protein with a guaranteed minimum of over 13% plant available nitrogen which is ideal for nitrogen deficient crops. Total Nitrogen: > 13.5% Amino Acid: > 80% Moisture: < 5% pH:4.5-5.5 Call for certifications and samples. For plant based nutrition call 519-322-1072.

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