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Italian made PATI-DI-LITE 8mils sheeting IR/AC, 5YRS, to

PATI-DI-LITE films are supplied with anti-drip additives (AG) as an option; the additive, migrating from the inside of the film, increases its surface tension avoiding fogging and droplets.

- High light diffusion more than 40% of light passing through the film is diffused.

- Effective anti-drip treatment that works together with the high total transmission.

- High thermal effect that limits the drop in temperature during the night or in poor sunlight conditions.

- Preservation of the mechanical properties of elasticity, tear resistance, tensile strength and resistance to perforation during the film lifespan.

Available in Widths of 20.5 ft, 24 ft, 28 ft & 31 ft
and custom tailored to any length.

Quantity Discount available. Call for custom quote.

Please Call 519-322-1072 if interested and for more information
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